Daily Medical Cleaning Services

Our Daily Medical Cleaning Services are meticulously crafted to ensure that your medical facility meets and exceeds the highest hygiene standards. Trust us to safeguard your space, one thorough cleaning at a time.

What Sets Us Apart in Medical Cleaning Services:

✅ Separate Trash Handling: We go the extra mile by handling trash separately, ensuring a comprehensive and practical cleanup without compromise.

✅ Advanced Vacuum Technology: Our High-Pressure Backpack Vacuum ensures that every nook and cranny is free from dust and contaminants, maintaining an environment that promotes health and wellness.

✅ Hospital-Grade Cleaning Products: We exclusively use hospital-grade cleaning products, leaving no room for compromise regarding your staff’s and patient’s health and safety.

✅ Focused Bathroom Floor Care: Recognizing the critical nature of bathroom hygiene, we dedicate special attention to bathroom floors, ensuring a spotless and sanitized environment.

✅ Cold Water Usage: We understand the delicate balance between cleanliness and energy efficiency. Our cleaning process utilizes cold water, providing an eco-friendly solution without compromising effectiveness.

✅ Hygienic Cloth Handling: Damp cloths are never dunked back into water. Our commitment to hygiene extends to every detail of our cleaning process, ensuring a thorough and sanitary service.

Which Does Your Facility Need?

Janitorial Services

Come into a freshly cleaned space up to 7 days per week. Cleaning services customized to your facility’s needs.

Healthcare Cleaning

Medical office and hospital cleaning that meets additional sanitation measures as well as compliance with regulations.

Terminal Cleaning

Eliminate cross contamination and patient infections. Assett can properly clean your operating and procedure rooms.

Disinfection Services

Press the reset button on pathogens in your facility. We use a patented disinfectant that’s safe for  people and equipment.

Day Porter Services

Does your facility require daytime cleaning? Assett can handle the work even while your facility is open and in operation.

Construction Cleaning

Assett can complete the final portion of your construction project by removing debris and polishing your new space.

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